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Reflective prompts for senior students Word KB. Download this slide presentation for further professional development.

Reflection on the learning

It identifies strategies to implement and maintain reflective practices in the classroom through suggested readings and classroom activities. Reflection PowerPoint 2 MB.

  1. Chapter 12. Learning Through Reflection.
  2. Learning Through Reflection.
  3. Setting the Tone for Reflection.

Re-discovering the heart of education. Expanding the Capacity to Learn: A new end for Education? Conference Warwick University, September 6, Te Kete Ipurangi Navigation: My brain makes the connection almost simultaneously.

Valuing Reflection

Again, the connection is almost instantaneous. If I fail a math test, am I immediately able to tell you why? The younger the student, the more difficult this is.

Self-Assessment: Reflections from Students and Teachers

This is precisely why reflection is so important. Reflection is a key ingredient to move knowledge from short-term to long-term memory. We learn from reflecting on experience.

For a more contemporary spin, consider the work of Dr. Bobb Darnell and his website AchievementStrategies. This is of course, absurd.