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Civil War Short Stories and Poems

A Man With Two Lives. A young Henry James, who was conscripted to fight but was excused due to a back injury, was empathetic to the plight of those who were drafted into the bloody Civil War. He was sympathetic to their many hardships, including ones of the heart. In this story, a young soldier, John Ford, urges his fiance to form other relationships while he heads off to War.

When the locket she fastened around her fiancee's neck came back from the front with a priest's letter, Octavie assumed a blessed resignation in her loss, but there's more to the story. This is a story that is rife with deeper symbolism as a white officer and his men, working their artillery, are transformed into 'black' men by their work.

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But do not focus on the literary techniques to distraction or you will miss the real art of the story, which first emerges with a soldier's hesitation. After an outburst at a trial, Union Army Lieutenant Philip Nolan is sentenced to a life of exile; to live out his days as a passenger on U. Navy warships where he is to learn no news of his country and others are forbidden to mention the "United States.

Louisa May Alcott, Hospital Sketches. Fought on November 24, , this battle was important because it pushed the Confederate flank, giving the Union forces a gateway to the deep South.

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In this short story she takes up questions of dignity, honor and loyalty and also sheds light on women's participation in the war. In this Civil War story a confederate spy, Dramer Brune, is captured behind enemy lines with a forged pass. Anyone abusing the privilege of the pass is to be "summarily shot. Will the favor be returned? This time, a trio of characters are involved; the Halcrow brothers and Captain Madwell. Yep, "madwell," it seems like a loaded name to me too.

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In reply to an insult from one of the Halcrow brothers, Madwell replies, "Sir, I invite you to accompany the movement. A mounted officer would be a conspicuous mark, and I have long held the opinion that it would be better if you were dead. The story of Union Private Anson Marlow at the beginning of a battle as he lay dying. The Burial of the Guns. Discovery of a family history: The boy did not realize the extent of his injury, for he laughed, shouted something which his comrade did not catch, caught the flag in his left hand, and ran on up the hill.

Page's landmark story deals with the emotional reactions of the Confederate soldiers upon hearing the news of Lee's surrender at the Appomattox Court House. The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Walt Whitman's plaintive poem lamenting the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. What became the most popular song for the Union during the Civil War, Howe wrote the acclaimed lyrics, "Mine eyes have seen the glory" after an inspiring visit with President Lincoln in We offer Johnny Cash's rendition of this moving song.

What became the Confederate's anthem: Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land! Though her work was most intense and prolific during the Civil War, she rarely wrote explicitly about it.

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There's no ambiguity in this poem's references. Because your lover threw wild hands toward the sky and the affrighted steed ran on alone, do not weep. Rebel Color-Bearers at Shiloh.

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  • A poetic plea against the vindictive cry raised by civilians shortly after the surrender at Appomattox, April 9, Commemorating William Scott, Union private from the 3rd Vermont Infantry, whose crime brought him before the firing squad, where his sentence and pardon by Lincoln were read together. He returned to battle, later killed at Lee's Mills. Printed on mourning ribbons for Lincoln: Walt Whitman wrote this poem in , juxtaposing Lincoln's death with spring's bursting forth of life and renewal. An anti-slavery novel published in , Uncle Tom's Cabin had a profound impact on the American landscape and is widely credited with fueling the abolitionist movement, and contributing materially to the the tensions leading up to the American Civil War.

    Published in , a full thirty years after the American Civil War had ended, The Red Badge of Courage follows the trials and tribulations of Henry Fleming, a recruit in the American Civil War struggling with ideas of bravery and courage. Although Stephen Crane was born after the war and never participated in battle himself, he produced one of the most influential war novels of all time and veterans praised his ability to capture the true nature of the battles he described.

    Published in , Grant's insightful autobiography focuses on his military career during the Mexican-American War and the U.

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    Considered one of the most important and influential writings of the Abolitionist Movement, detailing events of Douglass' life and the immorality of slavery itself. Cooking by Troops, for Camp and Hospital. How the South Saw the War. Civil War Hospital Sketches. A Book of Quotations. Frederick Douglass on Slavery and the Civil War: Selections from His Writings.

    Songs of the Civil War. Army Life in a Black Regiment. The Battle of Gettysburg: A Soldier's First-Hand Account. True Tales of the South at War: How Soldiers Fought and Families Lived,